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Playing for Money: Matt Shubley 3- Right Arm Issues Causing Stuck Approach

By Wayne | Videos: Playing For Money

I’ve been working with Matt for just over a year now and after graduating from college he has turned professional with his eye on next year’s Web.Com Q-School. Matt won his first event as a pro but has struggled a bit since with a 2 way miss. He has incorporated more lateral left movement into his iron game (he had little or none when we started) and improved his impact alignments significantly, but he always slips back into a pattern he has had long before I met him where he overturns his right arm and shoulder in the backswing and then drops his hands and arms straight down or even behind him in transition, which almost guarantees a “stuck” approach position with the clubhead heading toward impact from well behind his hands, leading to an overly in to out attack that precludes any sort of left to right shot and requires more face rotation through impact than we would like. My suggestions here are pretty standard for the issues: try to keep the upper right arm more in front of the chest in the backswing by encouraging more external rotation of the right shoulder along with more forearm rotation, then concentrating on moving the hands out toward the ball (or even above it) while leaning the shaft back on the right index finger in order to keep the shaft approaching from above the right forearm from P5 to P6. Matt has been successful at fixing this before, and the fact that the problem continues to reemerge goes to show how stubborn such patterns are.

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Lesson of the Week: Matt Shubley – Turning Behind the Ball and Adding Lateral Hip Drive

By Wayne | Videos: Lesson of the Week

Matt plays for the golf team at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, and came to see me looking to improve his ball striking heading into the 2018 Spring tournament season. He finished T-4 in his first two events, so it appears that what we worked on had a positive effect on his game. We started with some short wedges, and the two things that stood out right away was his odd head movement in the backswing and his lack of any lateral pelvic movement in the forward swing.

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Getting Unstuck – Online Student: Matt Shubley

By Wayne | Videos: Online Students

I started playing golf competitively in grade 10, and by grade 12 I chose to play golf over hockey. I have been the number one on my school team since I was a sophomore. I had a pretty good season last season recording a scoring average of 75.6. It continued into the summer I played in some good events, and posted some decent scores however it is rare that I post very low numbers. At the end of the summer I went to see a new coach to produce some lower numbers, I saw him once and then couldn’t get back to see him before the end of the summer and got caught in between two swings. I ended up getting the club very underneath on behind me coming back. So lately I have been working on keeping the club in front of me coming back.

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