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Wayne D Working on Bunker Technique

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I hadn’t been in the bunker with the camera for a while and since I am changing my technique a bit from an out to in path with an open stance and open face to a more square stance and a shallower approach I thought it would be a good idea to see if I were really doing what I was thinking about. As you will see in the first attempt I am still keeping the shaft in front of me and coming from quite a bit out to in.

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Pivot Compression Golf Swing: 21. In The Bunker Part 1

By Wayne | Videos: PCGS lesson series

Over the years I have taught many short game “schools” with groups of golfers of all ability levels, and inevitably the area where players struggle the most is in the sand. In this video I go over the set up procedure for the bunker shot in great detail, and trust me, you will do far better if you follow my instructions to the letter, and do it every time you hit one, be it in the practice bunker, on the course in everyday situations, or in competition.

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