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Swing Analysis: Charles Howell III- Perfecting his Transition

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

In the past I have looked at Howell’s swing (I believe I’ve done at least one video on him) and wondered why the odd move at the top of the swing where the hands move backwards and down momentarily in transition. I taped the Match Play and caught this clip of Charles rehearsing his transition and downswing with the type of move I’ve been hoping he would use. It’s one thing to rehearse a swing change and another thing to put it into action, but the swing (a 3 wood) shows that he has vastly improved his swing. I think it looks great and that he will break through with the big season he’s never really had (his stats are mind-boggling: 17 years in a row with between 1.25 and 2.85 million dollars in earnings with 2 wins and 16 seconds).

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