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Picking Up Some Yardage Off The Tee: Online Students: John Lamendola Part 13

By Wayne | Videos: Online Students

I use Jordan Spieth and Charl Schwartzel as examples of players who are moderate in physical size but produce tremendous clubhead speed. In both cases we see the upper body begin to back up around P5, with the left leg beginning to push up off the ground and the pelvis elevating from P6 into and past impact. In our lesson before this we focused on foot pressure in transition, and stabilizing the right foot will help this downswing action occur.

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Hand Movement From the Top of the Swing: A Look at the Top 20 Golf Players in the World Rankings

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

The entire purpose of this video is to record observations of a particular part of the swing as practiced by the top 20 players (according to the “World Rankings”). Too many acceptable variations are castigated by TV announcers who have not done their homework when it comes to knowing what the best players do. Video swing analysis is a powerful tool when it comes to teaching a player how to improve his or her swing.

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