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Swing Analysis: Alex Norén- What’s Up with that Rehearsal?

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Alex Norén has been playing some great golf recently and should have won the Match Play Championship or at least made it to the finals had his putter not gone ice cold against Kisner in the semis. His ball striking is phenomenal and obviously superior to just about anyone else out there, and one of my best golf nut friends reported in from the range at the Honda Classic that he hadn’t seen or heard the ball struck like that since he watched Hogan. What I concentrate on here is Norén’s pre-swing rehearsal, where he purposefully drives his upper right arm and elbow in front of his ribcage while squeezing the left arm against his chest and opening his hips to a maximum degree prior to the clubhead reaching impact. This comes directly from Hogan, who demonstrated many times his idea of the importance of the hips leading the downswing with the right elbow pitching in in a combination underhand, sidearm throwing motion. In his rehearsal Noren’s hands move outward, but in his actual swing they move more straight down, something that most players who are as vertical with the left arm at the top will do. Norén’s move with his right arm ensures him that it won’t get stuck behind him, and as his hands get well in front of the ball at impact with his left arm being pulled by his trunk his release is well around to the left. Interesting stuff that has proven results, and something I’ve been teaching forever, although not with this level of exaggeration. If you try to emulate his rehearsal you will see and feel how physically demanding it is.

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