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Swing Analysis: Tony Romo Update

It’s been a little over a week since I worked with Tony at Isleworth, where he tried to incorporate my suggestions in the middle of the event we were playing in (despite my objections) and ended up winning the amateur side of the tournament, which was a nice accomplishment as the course was extremely challenging and being a pro-scratch had some nice amateur players in the field. He was excited to take the new swing thoughts out to Pebble Beach, where he was paired with Texas University phenom Jordan Spieth. He shot a nice 68 in the first round, helped his team enough to have them in the lead at the 54 hole mark, and ended up with the team at 29 under and tied for 3rd, 2 shots back. Spieth finished at minus 8 for the tournament, which means that Tony, playing to scratch, helped out a bunch.
The swing you see here was taken on Saturday afternoon and you can see that Tony was able to take pretty much everything I showed him and not only attempt to put it into action but to do it correctly as well. If there’s one thing a good athlete is going to understand quickly it is an athletic movement such as sidearm throwing. With the takeaway more inward and the left wrist slightly cupped Tony can then feel like he’s going to open up as he drives forward with his hands moving out toward the ball, the shaft kicking back and shallowing out early in transition, and his right arm moving more in front of him as he would to make a low sidearm toss. This is a wonderful looking swing. With his power and athleticism combining with good mechanics I could see Tony having some nice success this spring and summer.


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