Playing for Money: In Person Lesson with Aaron Baddeley July 2015

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I think if you watch the video Scott Hamilton posted on Golf WRX (where, by the way, I have an article coming out this week) you will see the similarities in this video I sent Aaron a year ago. Aaron’s a nice guy. Great to see him get his game back and get back into the winner’s circle.

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John July 27, 2016

Good review. I played in a club scratch team match against Croydon GC in Melbourne, which featured Aaron as a 15 year old prodigy. In those days he preferred to play for his lowly ranked club, when he could have taken his pick of the elite Division 1 clubs in Melbourne. I always thought that was a mark of great loyalty on his part.
His release with the driver is very handsy and reminds me of Mickelson, who also has been a wild driver for much of his career.
Scott Hamilton claims to have improved his early extension issue but it looks like he still has that ugly, high approach and slinging, handsy release with the face shutting down right after impact.
Looks to me that ‘staying in the box’ doesn’t necessarily mean he will shaft-plane it and keep the face square and going around left.
Is there any other cause of the high approach in his case?

    Steve July 29, 2016

    Good on Aaron for his recent win. Perhaps consciously or not he has incorporated some of what has been suggested here.

    Michelle Wie has been struggling and missed the cut at the British this week. The talking heads at GC were stating that Michelle was doing things currently in her swing that had no chance of working and that they could not understand the reason or reasons. Maybe you could look at some of Michelle’s recent swings and weigh in. This is an awesome talent that seems to have become untracked, whether because of injury or some other cause. I know you did an earlier analysis on Michelle and noted some items that you felt should be addressed, but she was winning then.

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