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!Announcement! Starting today students who take an online lesson can send in new swings within 2 weeks of receiving their lesson for a side by side between the new and the old to see if anything has changed. This service will be included as part of the original lesson. Simply stated, online lessons now include a follow-up as long as you send it within two weeks. Along with the re-send I want an email from you with impressions of the first lesson, what you’ve been working on and feeling, as well as any results you have experienced.

Online lesson information page, please read carefully:

Online Lessons are available to both Premium Members and Non-members. Online lessons are a separate fee from Premium membership and cost $125 each. Online lessons for Non-members are $150. Premium membership is encouraged as there are many videos to learn from that will help you better understand the what and why of the things taught in your lesson. If you are not a Premium member and want to become one please click here to become a Premium member. See below for in-person lesson information and pricing.

Current wait time for online lessons: 3-7 days – but may be sooner.
! IMPORTANT if you do not receive your lesson in 7 days a technical issue may have occurred SO PLEASE CONTACT US !
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Note: for in-person lessons contact Woodholme Country Club:
Woodholme Country Club is in Pikesville, MD. 300 Woodholme Ave, Pikesville, MD 21208
Phone: (410) 486-3700
In-person rates:
Standard = $200/hr
Junior and Collegiate = $160/hr

Click Here to View a Sample Online Lesson given by Wayne.
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4 Easy Steps to Getting Your Online Lesson With Wayne

1. Create Your Video of Your Swing (Instructional diagrams and video)

2. Upload Your Video for Lesson Viewing

3. Pay for Lesson

4. Email us the link to your video for review

Once all four steps are completed someone from Wayne’s Team will let you know that your video has been put in line to be evaluated by Wayne. If you choose to have a phone consultation as well as the video lesson Wayne will coordinate that with you once he has completed your video lesson.

Online Lesson Pricing

Video analysis and lesson – $125 (members price)
Video analysis and lesson – $150 (non-members price)

If you are interested in receiving an online lesson from Wayne, please follow these steps:

Step1: Create A Video of Your Swing

Wayne likes to have four swing videos, two of the driver and two of an iron, a “Face-On” or front view of each and “Down-The-Line” or behind view of each making a total of four. Use of a tripod is required. Although slow motion is cool, please only submit slow motion video if you have sent regular speed videos, why?, because Wayne wants to see the rhythm and tempo of your swings and needs the regular speed videos for this. Slow motion is only to be submitted as an extra if your camera isn’t picking up all the frames at regular speed, but still send in all the regular speed views. Take care when recording your swing to ensure the best results for the online lesson. Camera positioning, lighting, etc., are CRITICAL. Please take a moment to learn more about proper camera set up. Again, you must use a tripod to stabilize your camera. Video from camera phones are not recommended but if you must then please get an adapter to use it with a tripod, such as, or similar to, the i.Trek Smartphone Adapter. You can even mount the camera to your golf bag with a flexible-leg tripod such as the Sunpak Spider Leg Tripod 620-786, or the Joby GorillaPod Flexible Tripod. BUT you will get the best results, the best analysis, and the best lesson from Wayne using a good camera with a full size tripod. If your camera is not stable Wayne will be asking you to re-shoot. We cannot stress this enough, please use a tripod. Also, please make each swing is a separate video of no longer than 30 seconds each. Please do not combine them all into one video.

Step 2: Upload Your Swing Video for Viewing

Per Wayne, he has been experiencing problems with V1 uploads, so for the time being, and until V1 can fix the problem, he’ll only be accepting videos submitted via YouTube.


To publish your swing video for an online lesson is to upload it to YouTube. Wayne needs your videos set to “Public” for downloading to his analysis software. IMPORTANT: Include the links to your videos in the form below.

You will need a YouTube account, so if you don’t already have one you will need to create one, which is a simple process and free.

Here are the written instructions from YouTube on uploading video.

There is also a video with instructions on uploading to YouTube.

Once you have uploaded the video, you should verify that it has been successful by clicking the link provided by YouTube and watching the video play.

V1 Golf Software (you must be a logged-in Premium subscriber to view these instructions):

Click here for instructions for v1 Golf Upload for a PC

Click here for instructions for v1 Golf Upload for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (should be similar for Android users too)
Step 3: Payment:
!Attention Premium Members! Make sure you are logged in to get the Members pricing!

Online Lesson Pricing and Order Button:

Online Lesson Price $150:
Lesson Only
With Phone Consltation $250:Lesson With Phone Phone Consultation Only $100:Phone Only


Online Payments

Step 4: Contact Us with Your Lesson Request Once you have uploaded the video and payment, please send us the links to you videos along with your request for an online lesson. Please indicate your selection of video analysis or video analysis with telephone consultation. Do you have questions or need help with Online Lessons? Please contact us and provide relevant information using the contact form below.