A Nice Foursome: Playing with Tony Romo, Jordan Spieth, and Carlos Ortiz

By Wayne | blog

One of the perks involved with teaching a celebrity (Tony Romo) is the possibility that you might wind up playing with some other interesting people. In this case it was Tony’s good buddy Jordan Spieth, presently #1 in the Fed Ex Cup standings and #2 ranked player in the world. Tony loves to gamble a bit on the course, and he likes nothing better than to challenge Tour players to play him straight up (Jordan offered him 2 a side but Tony said, “no way”). The 4th member of the group was Carlos Ortiz, who had his Tour card the previous 2 years but is now on the Web.Com trying to get it back. Dallas National is a long, hilly, difficult course, and at 1 over for the front nine Tony lost 3 down to Jordan and only 1 down to Carlos, while playing a bunch of other games (Wolf, Hammer) that I had no clue about since I never play for money other than in tournaments. Jordan is just as chatty playing for fun as he is in tournaments, even without his caddy there, and Tony loves to chirp while playing. Tony’s short game and putting has taken a complete turn for the better since we started working on it, and for 11 holes it seemed like he got it up and down on nearly every hole. Of course, that means he wasn’t hitting as many greens as he would have liked but we are working on his swing and he had some new thoughts that were close to coming together. All the guys hit the driver over 300 yards regularly, with Jordan hitting just about every fairway while moving the ball both ways, and all the greens. Playing from 7500 yards (or whatever the length was, seemed like 8000) was a little much for my game with me driving it around 260, so I begged out of the money game and took my camera with me to help Tony out and to take some videos of Tony, Jordan and Carlos. I came away with the feeling that Tony is improving in all parts of his game (my main goal) and that Jordan is, along with David Duval in 1999, the best player I’ve ever teed it up with.

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Phil September 14, 2017

Cool stuff, thanks Wayne. Just another reason why it’s fun to be a member of this site. To think… I’m only one degree of separation from Jordan Spieth and Tony Romo lol!

So was this recent? Did this just happen? If so…is it not a bit surprising that he would be at home playing a casual game right in the middle of the FedEx playoffs?

Alexander September 14, 2017

Agree with Phil – great story. Love the fact we all got to see these videos.

Seth September 29, 2017

Awesome Wayne! I got to meet Jordan a few years back when he came over to the volunteer tent at Colonial to personally thank all of us. He signed everything we brought him. Great kid and a credit to the game.

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